Who is Gerald Greysmith, really?

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Former Special Effects Manager, Self-Employed. Recently moved to the realm of investigations after inheriting the title of Gerald Greysmith, the fourth person since 1992 to do so.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Beginnings

 New Beginnings - 

by Gerald J. Greysmith


To all our readers I wanted to take a moment to say hello and introduce you to me, the new Gerald as this is probably confusing at best. 

Gerald Gregory Greysmith....where would I start with who he was? He was the third person to head this little organization of people and under his watch it grew to larger proportions than I believe anyone ever dared dream it could ever have been...with friends and associates all over the nation.

I wanted to say to you all that Gerald is truly an idea. Yes, he is real. But as Gregory would say often, "when you do something kind or selfless I believe that is what Gerald stands for...he can be the one to stand in the gap."

It is with a heavy heart I step into the biggest pair of shoes I could think of. I want to be different and have a vision of my own yet also remain true to the standards set before my own involvement which began four years ago.

I am always available, however. No matter what you can find me if you seek me. If you need help simply ask. And if you truly need us, that is to say the entire Greysmith family, we will never hesitate to help.

Let's look forward to the future of what is ahead of us now. Together, let us all remain who we are in these truly trying times.


Gerald Johnathan Greysmith



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  2. Hey dumbass Gerald J. Greysmith nobody.... are you GRAY Smith or GREY Smith ? Because your email address seems to be incorrect. Spelled incorrectly. HOW funny is that.. Somebody sent an email to your advertised GRAYSMITH address quizzing. Nobody answered. Ha, ha, ha, ha. GET IT RIGHT WEENIE. Inquiring legal beagles want to know.